The vulnerable are more vulnerable now

In these uncertain times, I find myself in a situation probably like many of you. I had a stable consultant gig in the travel industry that has now dried up so I’m looking for new opportunities.

But as tough as things are for me, these are even tougher times for our most vulnerable.

The US government hurriedly released ‘The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America’, which contained a multitude of accessibility errors, including the fact that the PDF document could not be read by screen reader users. This oversight means that people, such as those with visual impairments, or cognitive impairments, can not access this important information.

In the WebAIM report from last year, they uncovered that 97.9% of the top-ranked 1,000,000 home pages had detectable failures. And that’s just the home pages! Imagine the content within. We should be doing better.

“In times of crisis, we discover our capacity to come together and do good. It’s time we embrace accessible solutions so everyone can participate equally in society.”

“Shutting up is 50% of the user experience.”

For the past few years, I worked with AirFrance and KLM, helping amp up their internal knowledge of Digital Accessibility and transform their customer-facing digital touchpoints so they’re usable for many more people. 

If you or your company need an experienced UX designer who tackles problems through an accessibility lens, then please reach out. I can step in and immediately support your team in a variety of ways, from research and wireframing to usability testing and UI design. But most importantly, I can help improve the accessibility of your product so that everyone, regardless of ability, can benefit from it.

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After a couple of days observing we drove down to San Diego for the start of the conference.

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