Research and User Testing an Events platform

Who What Where Is, is an Amsterdam based events website, which aims to show local residents what is happening in the city. I was contacted after the site had already been built, and asked to find the types of users that the business had defined as their target audience, and perform interviews and user tests.

Who What Where Is website on desktop and mobile
The 'Who What Where Is' website on desktop and mobile

Proto personas

To find the types of people that would use the site, I first had to understand the business goals and future objectives. I then met with the stakeholders to uncover who they had built the site for, and using this information I was able to build proto personas.

Business defined their main target audience as young expats, but I also suggested factoring in edge cases, such as occasional visitors who live outside Amsterdam, tourists, and the native Dutch audience.

Two of the four proto personas
Two of the four proto personas


Alongside a Usability test, I wanted to get some more general information about how test participants currently find events in Amsterdam. I created a draft of questions to ask, as well as task scenarios to perform.

Some sample questions for user interviews, and task scenarios for the Usability test
Some sample questions for user interviews, and task scenarios for the Usability test

User testing

I used my network to source three people to perform Usability tests on. I suggested to test on three participants, and later if budget permitted, test on three other participants once the obvious problems were fixed.

This is my preferred approach, rather than testing on six participants at once, it is better to stagger the testing over a period of time.

User Testing taking place
User testing


The tests highlighted some key areas that were problematic for the participants, and a full report was supplied to the stakeholders listing the major problems, quick low-hanging fruit fixes, and further considerations.

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