About me

Hi! I'm Dean, a User Experience Design Consultant based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What I do

I’m a passionate UX professional, and a lover of accessible universal design. I have a broad range of UX skills, and apply them from project inception, all the way through the various stages of a User Centred Design process.

For example: I’m brought in for stakeholder kick off meetings, use various techniques to uncover the needs, build proto personas, interview users, refine, create personas, run workshops, perform usability tests & card sorts, wireframe, prototype, create visual elements & mockups, and work with visual designers and developers to implement the designs.

I also code things myself - this site is one of them.


I am busy working for AssistiveWare on a number of projects, however, I am available for Accessibility reviews, or Heuristic evaluations on your sites, or products.

Selected Certifications


Selected videos

I regularly create video to test out ideas, get stakeholder buy in, and to show interaction to the development team. Many of these are under NDA - the following have been cleared by Europeana.


Training & workshops


About this site

To optimise the site’s load time, I opted to build it in Jekyll with all posts written in Markdown. The theme was adapted from Balzac.

The logo and brand is by Micipedia, the font used throughout is Brandon Grotesque and the icon set is available at Entypo.

I added Fitvids.js to handle responsive video and reading_time.rb was added to estimate reading times of articles. This site also uses DC.js to get demographics and interests from visitors, to opt out you can use the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on, however the data tracked here is only for internal testing purposes and to see content interests.