A GAAD reminder

May 18, 2017

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a day designed to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.

There are many events around the world, including one here in the Netherlands, run by the Inclusive Design & Accessibility team.

In my last post I detailed my time in San Diego, at the CSUN conference. One moment in particular stuck with me, and serves as a timely reminder today.

Deaf-blind man with two interpreters, myself looking on with an iPad showing Proloquo4Text
Demoing Proloquo4Text to a Deaf-Blind man

A Deaf-Blind individual dropped by the AssistiveWare booth while I was there, and I went over to see if I could answer any questions that he may have.

He was interested to learn more about Proloquo4Text, an app that is described on the AssistiveWare website as being a ‘Text-based communication app that gives a voice to literate people who cannot speak.’, it is a ‘premier Augmentative and Alternative Communication solution for literate children, teenagers and adults, including people with autism, cerebral palsy, development disabilities, apraxia, ALS/MND, laryngectomy, stroke, or traumatic brain injury.’

With my limited braille keyboard knowledge I was unable to provide a good demo.

My timely reminder for GAAD 2017:

We can only create the products, we cannot choose who wants to use our products.